What Others Say About Us

"I have not closed, however I'm not a bit worried because Glenna is taking me thru the process step by step. She is professional ( no pressure),knowledgeable, calm, and dependable (completes all paper work required by builders on time). I'm downsizing to a new townhouse). I've purchased a home before, many years ago. Things have changed since my last purchase, Glenna is very tech savvy, and causes me to upgrade my technology skills, I've learn so much from her. Thanks Glenna for guiding me, I hope to close on my birthday in April and I know she will be there for me. After being turned down, my daughter and son-in-law referred me to Glenna, she took me under her swings and we been sailing since we meet. I'm proud of her and I know she will be proud of me, I took her advise. Thanks Glenna!"

Wendy Christian
Richton Park, Illinois

"Hang on, this is a long one! For the past 6 years, my sister and I were building up our credit so we could apply for a USDA Guaranteed loan. We went through 5 to 6 loan officers. About half of them stated that they couldn't help us, because our debt to ratio was too high. The loan officers that 'tried' to help us were all very dishonest. One of them wanted $400 up front just to check our credit ratings. The last one we worked with told us that our loan would go through with no problem at all (We had already had an offer accepted on a home). He had us running all over for weeks obtaining all sorts of paperwork and he even had us writing letters to submit to the USDA underwriter. After we gathered all of the required paperwork, he told us that we wouldn't get the loan. We ended up losing the home. He was also extremely rude to us after he found out that we weren't going to be approved. My sister's heart and mine were crushed. I then contacted James Barath to see if he could help us. James didn't want to take any money from us. He didn't want us gamble. He told us that our best bet was to apply for the USDA Direct Loan program. So, I contacted the USDA local office and we were accepted. I cannot thank James enough. He was the most honest and caring person that we have encountered throughout this entire 6 year battle to buy a home. Not ONE of the other loan officers that we dealt with informed us about the Direct Loan program from the USDA. They didn't inform us, because there would be no money in it for them! Mr. James K Barath was a Godsend! I will recommend this gentleman to anyone who is looking for a loan!"

Matthew Cadle
Lynwood, Illinois

"Glenna Thompson is AMAZING! There are no words in the English dictionary that can describe her professionalism. She got us a clear to close in just under tow weeks. YES, two weeks. Absolutely awesome person. She handled the loan so well that I would refer he to anyone. Communication was 5 star as well. Once again, I strongly believe that she has to be one of or the best loan officer in the area. I called other lenders and many of them were not very clear or had the confidence that Glenna demonstrates. She was able to demonstrate in actions everything she promised. All of her promises were satisfied. Thanks"
Jose Castro
Dyer, Indiana

"Hi Glenna! I just wanted to say a VERY BIG Thank you for all you've done in getting this done so fast. You have no idea how much it's appreciated, and I again, can not thank you enough! You are fantastic at what you do and you've made one person extremely excited to actually own a house and start the next chapter in life. Thank you so much again!."

Tom Lepp
Hobart, Indiana

"I strongly recommend James Barath as a mortgage planner. James is definitely the most competent and knowledgeable mortgage planner we have ever worked with. Since we have been through around 10 purchases and refinances over the years, this is saying quite a bit. James is extremely reliable and has the experience to deal with any individual situation that might come up. This is important, as we have had closings delayed in the past due to lack of follow-up or incomplete work on the part of the mortgage planner/broker. James will answer questions promptly and will follow up regularly. Having James assist you through the financing process will provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are receiving the best rate, the paperwork has been done correctly, and you will not experience unexpected problems at closing! "

John and Danielle Heskett
Valparaiso, Indiana

"They did a wonderful job. Very knowledgeable and saved us thousands of dollars. Everything was explained in detail so that we could understand fully and we appreciate that."

Rosiak Family
Demotte, Indiana

"James took time to educate me on the process and gave very good practical advice in language that was easy for me to understand. I am not a Real Estate professional and he spoke in terms that communicated important concepts to me. His advice saved us several thousand dollars at the closing table and steered us toward the exact product we needed. Not only did he advise us to change our financing strategy, he explained exactly why he was advising us to alter our course and the benefits of a different product. His no-nonsense approach to a somewhat overwhelming process is a blessing to someone struggling through the fog of home financing."

Jeff Jaco
New Castle, Indiana

"'A good back surgeon is one who knows when NOT to cut.' I contacted three different mortgage advisers, including (A) the #1 on Charlotte Business Journal's "Book of Lists" as well as (B) one who came highly recommended by multiple friends as well as (C) James Barath. The other two remain unnamed because they left me with many questions and recommended products which did not suit my growing financial situation. James Barath was excellent. In the end, he sold me nothing. He realized that no product was better than what I currently had and he advised me to stay put (which cost him a commission). He educated me on the multiple options available and gave me that valuable knowledge we all seek when we are uncertain what to do next. THIS IS THE MAN TO TRUST. (not the #1 in your city's Book of Lists)"

Thomas Marlowe, M.D.
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss Institute

"James is without a doubt is one of the most intelligent and creative individuals I have ever met. He has a unique ability to observe and examine a financial problem or situation and overcome it with such ease that it seems that he knew the answer before you posed the question to him. James is also one of the most giving people I have had the pleasure to be associated with. No matter what issue you bring to him he will take time to discuss it with you and help you find a solution. I envy his mentoring abilities. He freely works with anyone who seeks his advice, and you will come away with a new way of approaching your business after speaking to him."

Paul Nolan
Shamrock Financial

"James is very knowledgeable about the mortgage and real estate industry and never hesitates to say it the way it is. I find this very refreshing as you always know where you stand with him. In simple terms he won't tell you what you want to hear just because it's what you want to hear. His experience and professionalism proved to be very valuable in a recent deal that he was working on with me. When the parties were at an apparent impasse that may have lead to failure to mutually agree to a contract based on a mortgage clause, James' past professional relationship with one of the parties was enough to settle the differences and make the deal happen. I look forward to working with him on many projects to come in the future and have no problem recommending him to anyone looking for a true mortgage professional."

Tim McDonald

"I have worked with the team at LeaderOne Financial Corp. for the last year. We have been able to confidently refer our clients with each other. I really encourage others to take their time to learn and listen to the professionals at LeaderOne Financial Corp. If integrity and hard work in customer satisfaction is important to you and your clients, please give them a chance to show you their staff and office."

Randall Raines
Raines Insurance Group

"It went fantastic. Thank you (Glenna) for all you did for Tony and myself. You were wonderful and quick. I rave about you all the time."

Holly Jones
Valparaiso, Indiana

"You guys are awesome! The entire staff is great to be around, and very professional and knowledgeable. I feel very confident when I send a client to your office, that all of their questions and concerns will be addressed and put at ease. And you make the entire transaction a smooth process for all involved."

Jamie Lynne Cooper
Century 21 Affiliated